February 28, 2011


If you need something to jazz up a plain lapel, or need your scarf to be anything but ordinary today, this embellished safety pin jewelry will do the trick.  Yes, its a pin of a safety pin!  This eye-catching silver-tone crystal rose safety pin is designed like a safety pin, in stainless steel, with a rhodium-plated finish and beautiful rose details.

February 27, 2011

Nothing Captures Childhood Memories Like a Charm!

Every one of us still has the little child within.  Our childhood memories are filled with endless play and exploration.  In childhood, the summers are always long, spring is always an adventure, autumn always offers interesting distractions, and even winter is one happy time of the year.  Yes, happy!  For children are happy often and delight in everything so easily.

February 25, 2011

Beauty at Your Feet

Egyptian and Bedouin women wore this particular piece of jewelry in the ancient times.  Anklets bring attention to the feet region, and make the ankle look sexy and dainty at the same time.  The concept of beauty in ancient times in these places is when brides and women dancers wear anklets and feel every inch a woman -- from head to toe.

February 24, 2011

A Stunning Gift from the Sea

Do women still wear brooches at this day and age? They should. Because as every women knew since time immemorial, every accessory helps. It's not much different to a soldier going to battle -- every weapon counts. A brooch is an important weapon to add glamour to a woman's outfit. A beautiful brooch, in particular, can be the single piece of jewelry that you need to enhance the look of even your most ordinary clothes.

February 23, 2011

Rich Berry Collier - Stunning Swarovski Find

Cut-crystal giant Swarovski fielded the best fashion and jewelry designers in the international stage to come up with jewelry pieces that so embody the Swarovski spirit.  Swarovski Crystallized is backed by Swarovski’s rich heritage mixed with a future-forward outlook -- creating exquisite jewelry designer collections.

Elegant Black Onyx Heart Pendant from ELLE

Fashion heavy-weight ELLE mixes fashion with jewelry design through this timeless black onyx heart-shaped pendant.  This jewelry piece comes in high-polished 925 rhodium-plated sterling silver.  ELLE's years of experience as the world's largest fashion and beauty magazine produced the ELLE jewelry designs that are very contemporary, with an eye for what's hot and what's trendy in the fashion industry.

Nicky Hilton's Edgy Cocktail Ring

Nicky Hilton has an eye for jewelry.  This socialite heiress steps out of her sister Paris' shadow and conquers the jewelry design stage.  It helps, of course, that Nicky has been collecting jewelry since she was practically an infant.  She has the veteran's eye and used that to create beautiful jewelry pieces.  A part of Nicky Hilton Jewelry Collection is this edgy silver pave dome ring in 18kt gold wash and cubic zirconia.

Ancient History in Amber Earrings

Who would have thought amber could be this beautiful?  This jewelry piece -- a pair of spherical earrings with genuine untreated amber inside -- is without doubt a thing of beauty.  The amber stones are square-shaped with fish-hook back findings.  The metal stamps are made of sterling silver.  The finished product is a classy pair of earrings that will earn you compliments all around.

Light Blue Murano Style Glass Beads and Charm Bracelet

Now here's an exquisite little beauty of jewelry!  In stunning shades of blue, this Murano style glass beads adds a new perspective to the word "blue" -- happy instead of sad, and with a downright good vibe that fits well with any outfit.

Spring Jewelry for 2011

After that nightmare winter that everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has been subjected to, it's nice to look forward to the spring season. And the perfect way to prepare for spring is with a dash of color in your jewelry collection!