April 20, 2011

ELLE Tiger-Eye Silver Earrings

ELLE Jewelry never fails to catch the eye.  It must be the years of experience in turning out issue upon issue of ELLE Magazine, wherein the best in the fashion and beauty industry is talked and dished about endlessly and relentlessly and all over the world.   ELLE knows style in all its aspects, and the creative energy that built the magazine empire has spilled over to the realms of jewelry design, with pleasing results.

This piece of jewelry earrings embodies the ELLE spirit.  These silver earrings are high in quality and drama.  Two pieces of fancy stones, mere stones, but they hit a spot in you with their simplicity and elegance.  The tiger-eye design is a creative choice, and a much appreciated one.  Set against a backdrop of sterling silver, the jewelry evokes a mystical and even an indigenous tribal feel.  For women who feel the urge to let loose the priestess inside, this piece of jewelry satisfies that urge without altogether losing the modern-day sensibilities so expected of women.

The earrings go well with classic and contemporary wear, just don't overdo it by piling on other jewelry and bringing on the makeup.  And as with any piece of ELLE jewelry, put it on, sit back, and enjoy the feeling of admiring stares that, chances are, will go your way.

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