April 18, 2011

Kenneth Cole New York New York "Starry Nights" Multi-Row Necklace

Kenneth Cole knows women, alright.  He knows it is intrinsic to women to feel special.  It shows in the jewelry line he designs for women of all ages -- creative, ingenious and captivating.  Kenneth Cole's flair for the enchanting shows in the stylish, savvy and eye-catching jewelry pieces he creates for women.  The trademark of Kenneth Cole jewelry is confidence and the very embodiment of cool.

Another piece of fine jewelry from Kenneth Cole is this stunning necklace.  It is called New York, New York Starry Nights multi-row necklace because first, and foremost, it captures the New York glitzy vibe immortalized in the song.  It is bold and beautiful, and the design speaks of wit and versatility.

There are three chain strands of differing design and symmetry, and this alone catches the observer's eye because of the unique placement.  A pendant-like circle sits slightly to the upper right of the jewelry piece, and the unconventional location is eye-pleasingly refreshing.

The overall effect is thought-provoking, perfect for women who love to take chances in their jewelry choices without being garishly accessorized.

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