April 12, 2011

Trina Turk 2-Tier Rose-Gold Hoop Earrings

The thing with hoop earrings is that they do look flashy and always seem designed to make a statement.  Not your retiring type -- are hoop earrings.  If you're not careful, you may look overdone and on the side of hooker-tacky.  Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?  Hoop earrings may look chunky and massive all the time, but you can pull off wearing one and look absolutely and stylishly gorgeous. 

If the hoop earrings you wear are these two-tier rose-gold hoop earrings, and from Trina Turk no less, then you're on your way.  Trina Turk's jewelry designs are loved by celebrities and power women, and that alone assures you that this piece of jewelry is in a class of its own.  The rose-gold bands are eye-pleasing and not rudely screaming for attention.  They twinkle and twirl and catch the light when you move your head, but they do so elegantly.

The hoops don't look loud, which is the best part of this piece of jewelry.  You can wear them on the side of cool even further by toning down your other jewelries.  Your necklace or ring shouldn't compete with these earrings, and so should your dress.  Keep it simple and elegant.  Go for minimal makeup -- simple skin, minimal lip color, limited eye makeup.  The hair style, unlike the big hair-to-do of Julia's, should be simple -- worn down long or up.  By this time, you should get the idea -- the hoop earrings should be the only bold statement in your attire.  Otherwise, you are on accessory-overkill land, girl.
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