April 13, 2011

2-Piece Diamond Cross and Circle "Faith" Pendant

"So it is written that the Christ would suffer and on the third day rise from the dead" - Luke 24:46

The zenith of the Christian religion is in the faith that Jesus Christ suffered and died from the cross to redeem man from sin.   The Crucifixion of Jesus occurred in 1 AD wherein he was sentenced by Pontius Pilate and finally died on the cross.   His way to the cross, whipped, scourged and ridiculed all throughout, is called his Passion, and his ensuing death has deep meaning to the Christian religion. 

The cross is a vivid symbolism of Jesus' sacrifice and man's salvation.  It is not a mere adornment to the Christians.  It reflects man's relationship with his God.  Faith and the cross are one and the same.  Wearing a jewelry or ornament depicting the cross is not just for decorative purposes.  In fact, for Christians, it is a big sacrilege to do so.  Men of the cloth, and even the laymen, wear the cross as jewelry only with deep reverence and with the hope of a benediction.  In fact, many cross jewelry aren't worn without the blessing from the Church.  The blessing comes in the form of an anointing of the object with holy or blessed water.  The ritual blessing with the Holy Water is similar to the one during Baptism.  Once the jewelry has been blessed, then it can be worn with full confidence as a religious item.

The two-piece diamond circle pendant here is a beautiful expression of that incredible faith of man to his God.  The smooth polished 10k yellow gold circle tag is beautifully engraved with the word "faith."   The circle is framed by a border of tiny diamonds. A diamond cross charm, with fleur-de-lis tips, dangles over the tag. The small round diamonds, each 1/5 cttw and I3 clarity, totals 70 pieces in a pave setting to complete this dainty and elegant pendant.  An 18-inch light rope chain holds the pendant in a spring ring clasp.

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